Simplicity 8513, View D

The weather here in Texas has sure taken an interesting turn for the warmer. With it comes the need to adjust yet again to the climate change with corresponding wardrobe. That being said, this body suit came right on time. Made from a mustard ponte di roma from Etsy seller Fabrics Universe it is comfortable, light, but form fitting.

The pattern was one of the most simple to follow for me personally. I am not a fan of bodysuits. The feeling of anything riding up in my crotch makes me uncomfortable, plus it adds an extra 5 minutes to any bathroom trip. However when I saw this pattern and the designs I was intrigued by the diversity of the views and chose view D because of its classy collar (which now feels more like a turtleneck, I’ll be honest). So I took a chance! I’m glad I did too because it is one of the most comfortable things in my closet. As the first addition to the #2018tuscanycollection I will say that I am impressed and happy to have it alive.

For this photo shoot, I decided to take the time to debut my “me made” skinny jeans that I made using Mimi G’s Simplicity Pattern #8222. My first pair of jeans made by me! And because you are such a loving and forgiving sewing community, I won’t tell you the number of errors that they have (lol) and I’ll trust I won’t be judged on them either, especially since the highlight is supposed to be the bodysuit, which I so adequately decided to partially cover with my motorcycle jacket in our second shoot to demonstrate how it can be accessorized smh.












My husband did an awesome job on this photo shoot! Send me a message if you wanna hire him ๐Ÿ˜‰ (jk he’s all mine). You can find my Q&A below for some details on my thoughts on the pattern. All information is solely my opinion and based on my personal experience.


Skill level: Easy to Intermediate

What pattern size did you use?: Medium (M)

What type of fabric did you use?:ย thick double knit

How long did it take you to finish this garment?: about 2 hours

Were the instructions easy to follow?: yes

Were the instructions detailed?: yes

What things would you change about this pattern?: the zipper…while I see why it is needed, I feel it takes away from the simplicity of the design

Would you recommend this pattern to others?: yes

Did the finished garment look like the envelope/pattern design?: yes



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