How to Make the Most of a Small Space

My husband and I live in a one bedroom 800 sq foot condominium and we both have extensive hobbies that require full work stations. When we first moved into it we had NO idea how we were going to make our stations work, but we did know that we didn’t want his station in the bedroom to avoid having a computer and stressful technology in the same area where we slept. We then decided that we would move his workstation into the living room and my workstation into the bedroom. I didn’t know where to begin. I had a tiny fold-up table 2 sewing machines and a dream.

As time went on however, I determined that space is what you make of it and not the AMOUNT you have. Thus my workstation was born and raised with pegboard and fully functional everything.

Do you live in a small space and wonder how to make your craft station functional? Do you live in a reasonable sized space and still wonder where to begin in creating your dream workstation? I have 5 steps for you to get started.

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1. Gain inspiration.

Check out magazines, blogs, Pinterest boards, IG pages etc and get some inspiration for your station. Decide where you want your space to be. Is it in the closet, bedroom, living room, or an empty room where you can have your own studio? Then decide what kind of vibe you want your area to have based on its location. Natural or artificial light, plants and ethereal accents, shelves and lamps, posters, canvas paintings etc? Is your area busy or spaced out? Do you want it to be temporary and put away when not in use or permanent? Plan out your workstation and create a rough blueprint in your mind or on paper detailing what you want from your area based on your circumstances.


Photo courtesy of The Little Pomegranate


Photo courtesy of stellesews


2. Get organized.

Determine what items in your station you will use or not use frequently and write them down. Take advantage of containers, pegboards, and desk space that may have cabinets etc. Make frequently used things easily accessible. Other things that may not be used as often can be hidden away until needed. The pegboard train is a great train to get on if you want things to be on hand. You can find an inexpensive one at your local home improvement store. Also, don’t be afraid to secondhand ANYTHING. I found my craft desk on OfferUp and my mannequin on craigslist. Do your research and look around your area for the things you need.



Photo courtesy of stellesews


3. Consolidate

If you are a hobbyist and have been doing it for awhile, you have most likely acquired a lot of items over time. Make sure not to get into the habit of creating clutter in your space. Combine like items together in a small space and continue to do so accordingly as you gain more things in the area. By keeping things consolidated and organized you’re allowing your space to have an ease and lack of stress to it. This is your space, your escape from reality and a stress free environment. Make sure to keep it that way.



Photo courtesy of Evie La Luve
Photo courtesy of Evie La Luve


4. Make it yours.

Now that the space is organized and complete, add your own mark to it. Succulents, small lamps, rugs, chairs, pictures and wall art can all add a unique feel to your station. You can also incorporate the things you make as the art around you. Embroidery hoops on the walls with different phrases, fabric wall art, mannequins with wacky designs or clothes on them, etc, these are all great places to start in making your work station your new hobby home. Don’t be afraid to use a little paint as well!


Photo courtesy of Jess Povenmire


5. Keep it simple! 

Don’t over analyze or become invested with how much “xyz” your area should have. Whether small or large, keep your space as simple as possible. It is your creative area, so it already has a hint of your unique touch in it. Don’t become obsessed with decorating to the extent where you’ve missed the point of even building your workstation.


Photo courtesy of  pella hedeby and marie ramse


6. Keep your station up…and YOU.

When you see things out of place, fix them, organize them, clean them etc. Keep your workstation open and free of distractions that will take you away from your craft. If cleaning as you go isn’t the way you live, set a day each week to put things back in their proper place and tidy up. Your mind and your station will thank you. Also, it’s great to steal ideas from people you see who have some good ones, but make sure when you’re building and growing your area that you keep your it a personification of who you are and what you need.







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