Fabric Review: La Mercerie “Ghana Wool”

It’s the beginning of a new week my friends! Thank you for being so patient as I prepared a post for you guys (yes I know it’s been a while).

Here in Texas, spring has arrived. So I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m doing a fabric review on some WOOL. Well the answer is because I’m random and have been fawning over it for months. I’m so happy to share it with you as it is SOLD OUT now on SHOPLAMERCERIE.COM.

I bought this wool during a discount sale La Mercerie was having to celebrate the YATES COAT recently released by GRAINLINE STUDIO. While the Yates Coat isn’t my personal style, I love its design and unique flare. Be sure to check it out!

I was in love with the beautiful, large, soft, plaid design of the Ghana Wool when I first set eyes on it, and had been watching it for months. When it went on sale I KNEW I had to finally act, and good thing I did too!



I bought 2 yards for myself (which I would later find out was JUST enough for the coat I’m making) and swooned and danced when it came. The weight was light but not to the point where you’d be freezing in the cold, but also heavy enough to keep you enfolded in a sea of warmth and wonder.

Then began the search for the perfect pattern for this lovely new friend of mine!



This gorgeous wool was used by Jess Povenmire (owner of La Mercerie) to create her own CLARE COAT (below) using Ghana Wool too. You can check it out on HER BLOG to learn more about it!

I had trouble deciding what kind of coat to make myself, but had been so intrigued by the idea of a funnel neck after reading Jess’ blog about the Clare Coat. The practicality and the design rang out to me, but I was very picky about the style I wanted. I knew for sure I also wanted the length a little longer than average coats.

Finally after doing some research I came across Vogue Pattern 9136 (insert love eyed emoji here).


Picture of the v9136 coat (view A) made by Sea of Teal (above)

Something about the big pockets, asymmetrical buttons and just the ruggedness of it all called out to me and I knew it was the perfect fit (plus it’s unlined which I love because the less work the better, score!). At the time Vogue’s website was having a sale for their patterns for $5.99 too (double score!). The sale is currently going on again on the VOGUE WEBSITE until 3/14, make sure to take advantage of the discount!

I now have cut pieces of this pattern, a soft fleece fabric I got from Hobby Lobby I will be using for the facing, and my picked out buttons ready to go on my cutting table.

I’m still deciding whether to make this coat as spring is literally in the air. With Texas weather, however, you never know what’s going to happen the next day. I’m waiting for a rainy day when I have the full time and energy to commit to making this coat PERFECT because spare time is the best time!

While the Ghana Wool is sold out, shoplamercerie.com is currently having a sale on their other wool fabrics. You can check them out HERE.

Do you like creating off season garments? Let me know in the comments!

May the Sewing Force be with you!



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