Gathered Maxi Skirt Tutorial

Hello all! Sending good vibes your way as we transition into summer.

I found this beautiful pleated knit at a local fabric store near me that screamed spring /summer and I knew automatically what I was making with it, a maxi skirt. It was the only way to show the fabrics full design.

Anywho, let’s get sewing!

What you’ll need:

1-1 1/2 yard of knit fabric (measure the length from your waist to your ankles and purchase fabric accordingly)


Fabric scissors

1 inch wide elastic

2 safety pins


1. Measure the size of your waist plus 3 inches. The extra 3″ will help give the skirt the gathered look at the waist and also give you walking room.

2. Cut the width of your fabric according to your waist measurement + 3″. Cut the desired length for the skirt

3. Fold both ends of fabric over, right sides together. This is your back seam. Pin and sew the back seam together using a 5/8″ seam allowance. Serge or finish seam if desired.



4. With skirt still inside out, fold top of skirt down 1 1/2″. Starting 1/2″ away from the back seam, sew edge down using a narrow zig zag stitch (you can also use a regular stitch, I used a zigzag stitch as we are working with knit fabric for stretching purposes). Leave a 1″ opening between the beginning and end of your stitching line. Back-stitch at end of stitching.


5. Measure elastic to the size of your waist plus 1″. Make sure waist band is wide enough to fit elastic through.


6. Attach one safety-pin to end of elastic. Start to feed elastic through opening, gathering and pulling the safety pin through the waistband, sliding it evenly as you go, making sure the elastic stays flat as it is being fed through. The waistband will start to gather as you slide.



TIP: When most of the elastic is fed through, use the other safety-pin to pin the end of the elastic to the skirt so it doesn’t get fed into the waistband.


7. Work elastic back to the opening joining both ends together. Undo and remove safety pins and overlap elastic 1″. Use a zig zag stitch to sew them together.


8. Sew opening closed. Slide elastic one more time to make sure it is distributed evenly inside waistband.



9. Hem bottom of skirt using 5/8″ seam allowance. (I didn’t need to hem my skirt because of the fabric I was using)

10. Press seams flat and wear to the beach!





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