10 Podcasts For Sewing & Creative Minds

What do you listen to while you sew? Music, podcasts, television? I’m a Suits person myself but occasionally I listen to some podcasts to massage and refine my thinking process.

If you are starting a business or just sewing/creating for fun, podcasts can teach you valuable techniques and strategies to accomplish your goal. For beginners, podcasts are a good place to start stimulating the mind and get familiar with the jargon of sewing, creative or business terms and functions.

Listening to podcasts also allows you to be a part of a community. Like-minded individuals who listen to the same podcasts can connect on different social media platforms. You can also connect with hosts and ask questions if permitted.

That being said, I’ve put together a list of 10 podcasts I find incredibly awesome to inspire your creative side and help you get through easy and tough projects alike.

All of these podcasts can be found on various platforms including iTunes, Google Play, Google Podcasts and wherever else you may listen to podcasts. Enjoy!

10 Podcasts to Influence and Inspire Creative Minds

1. Love to Sew

Love to Sew Podcast is a popular weekly podcast among the sewing community. Hosts Helen and Caroline assist you in making a handmade wardrobe with weekly hour long (approx) podcasts sometimes featuring a special guest well known in the sewing world. Interviews, tips, information, and new techniques or ways of thinking are introduced to beginners and experts alike. This podcast is the perfect thing to listen to during a full day of sewing.

2. While She Naps

Tune in with Abby Glassenberg as she speaks with creatives and makers on the steps to creating a business. She and her guests also speak about upcoming and current recommendations and ideas they enjoy.

3. The Unmistakable Creative

Srini Rao brings you weekly interviews with some of the world’s most innovative and inspiring creative people who share character advice, business tips and strategies, and a new way of thinking and getting your mind out of its comfort zone. Definitely the perfect thing to listen to as you dive headfirst into your own creative plethora.

4. Business S.H.E.T

A brand spanking new weekly podcast delivered by life influencer, blogger and DIYer Mimi Goodwin (AKA Mimi G) that teaches you how to let go of chains holding you back from starting your own business. How does she do this? By telling you the experiences of her very own life and challenges. Real. Fresh. And straight up (listener beware, there is some profanity). What better person do you want talking to you while you sew?

5. Boss Girl Creative

Taylor Bradford is teaching you how to grow a creative business with this weekly podcast. Giving you advice on blogging, branding, and getting out of creative blocks, this podcast is the perfect dose of encouragement you need to get your idea out of your head and into reality.

6. Boss So Hard

Marty Mcdonald brings you interviews with influential women who’ve worked from corporate America to side hustles. Through these interviews she gives advice, ideas, and real talk about business and career growth. Sit back every Monday over your morning coffee and listen to Marty keep it real.

7. Switch Pivot or Quit

For the “woman seeking encouragement, inspiration and change” Ahyiana Angel shares tips to becoming your greatest career fan. Through interviews and her own experience, Ahyiana helps you become a more successful and professional you. Don’t have a lot of time? Listen in to the 7 Minute Sunday feature where Ahyiana shares a shot of advice and encouraging gold to help you start off your week.

8. The Upgrade by LifeHacker

This podcast is your source of how to! From discovering how to talk to people, to learning what a bitcoin is the Upgrade helps you do just what the name says, upgrade yourself, your knowledge and your ability. If you’re looking for an interesting thought process while you create, this is it!

9. The School Of Bravery

Emily Peterson interviews authors, musicians, and business professionals alike to encourage you to step outside the box and brave it in the world. Featuring real conversation unmasking fear, doubts and obstacles this podcast will make you believe in yourself and everything you have the power to do.

10. NPR Ted Radio Hour

Explaining human behaviors, functions and other important things we never thought to think about, the Ted Radio Hour is the perfect amount of deep thought during your creative time. Learn new ways of thinking and creating with this informational podcast that dives into the instincts, experiences, and trials that make people… People.

Of course there are more podcasts out there. Share your favorite below in the comments! In the meantime, happy listening and happy sewing!

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