Fabric Outlet Shopping: Golden D’or

Have you ever been to a fabric outlet or warehouse? Join me as I take you on a tour of my favorite place to shop for fabric and give you some tips when going to visit.

When we think about a project we’re making, we automatically think of fabric. The type, the feel, the color, the texture, the smell, the size, the weight, are all things we take into consideration when choosing the proper textile for the right project. Another important factor to be considered is price. Fabric shops can vary in price depending on textile type, brand and quality. But what if you could have great quality AND great price all in one?

Golden D’or is a fabric outlet offering just that combination. At over 35,000 square feet and stocked with 1 million+ yards of inventory, they are one of the largest fabric warehouses in the country. Supplied with a fully stocked notions section, and rooms with their own theme, this outlet is a sewist’s paradise.


Golden D’or has been in business since 1987. Located on Harry Hines Blvd in Dallas, TX, they are in close proximity to other fabric warehouses. When first walking into the building you’ll first notice Mr Sewing Machine, a sewing machine repair shop that is always working hard to help their clients get their machines up and running! This group, though being a separate entity from Golden D’or, is very knowledgeable of machine brands, health and longevity.

But let’s get back to Golden D’or. What makes Golden D’or special is not just its size, but its contents. They offer a plethora of textiles and prints for any occasion, from active-wear knits, to special occasion fabrics with sequins and lace. They don’t just specialize in apparel fabrics either. Golden D’or offers a wide range of upholstery textiles and trims for your furniture needs.

Something rather special about this store though even more than the range of fabrics is the price. Yes, Golden D’or gives you quality fabrics but at an affordable price up to 75% lower than retail value. Not only that, but they have a whole room dedicated to clearance fabrics filled with scuba knits, sweater knits, lace and other fabrics.

Golden D’or also has a gorgeous selection of silks and chiffons in beautiful prints and colors stocked daily.

My favorite area in the store is the $3.99/yard designer fabrics table. These fabrics are pre-cut and have to be bought as is with no extra cutting allowed, but if you’re like me and you like a good dig into a pile you can find some great treasures on this table. I’ve found pretty floral lawns, high quality denim, and beautiful wovens.

I could spend hours talking about this store and it’s rooms, but to peak your interest I’m only going to highlight some key places that may interest readers.


African Wax Cottons, Quilting Cottons and Batiks

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Golden D’or houses so many fabric types but you’ll find a particularly large selection of great cottons. Large shelves and a few buckets are ready to supply your African wax print needs with this large selection of imported fabrics. A little further you’ll find novelty prints (like the one I used to make the top I’m wearing in these photos) for quilting along with beautiful batiks of all different colors. This selection of cottons is a quilter’s or dressmaker’s dream.

Bridal-wear/Special Occasion

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Whenever I come to GD, a place that is always busy is the bridalwear and special occasion section. Fabrics with beading, sequins and and array of shiny and floral fabrics make this a perfect fit for a custom wedding dress or other special occasion dress/gown. For a more formal look, the satin section is right behind this area, and don’t worry, the ladies here are always available to help cut and recommend fabrics for your special occasion.


There are many knits in Golden D’or. near the front entrance you’ll find the spandex and activewear section. OMG. Shelves and shelves of beautifully printed spandex in all types of colors and weights. You can also get scuba knit here in large quantities. Towards the back of the store, we have cotton and sweater knits. Some of these are arranged by color so you can find the color and weight you want easily.

Standing in the spandex room

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Clearance and Notions Rooms

The clearance room mostly speaks for itself. Here you can find bolts of sweater knit, scuba knit and other fabrics 50% off. The clearance table is also a good place to find some good textiles. Pieces are $1.99/yd and cannot be cut.

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The notions room is full of vintage zippers (oldies but still work just fine!), ribbon, and buttons. LOTS OF BUTTONS! OMG the buttons.


Things to remember when shopping at fabric outlets and warehouses are..

  • If you’re trying to lessen your fabric stash or stay focused on particular fabrics be sure to have in mind the fabric type you are looking for. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in a fabric outlet with all of the possibilities.
  • “You cut it you buy it”. Once a Fabric piece is cut, it cannot be put back or given for a remnants pile. Golden D’or (and most other fabric outlets) are not like Joann and Hobby Lobby when it comes to cut fabric, so make sure you know exactly what you want before you have your yardage cut.
  • If you don’t know something, ask. Workers are happy to give you information on fabric types, weights and good textiles for specific projects.
  • Check online – Golden D’or has an online website to order textiles from as well as their store. Be sure to call or email them if you want information on a certain fabric type or design (contact information is listed below)
  • Prepare for proper conditions. Warehouses can be filled with dust and other particles from the movement of facilities. Depending on location the temperatures may vary as well. Prepare accordingly depending on your sensitivities.

Overall Golden D’or is your one stop shop for fabric variety at a quality price. The owner’s daughter Ana says about the store, “we don’t compromise on quality”, and rightly so.

Store owner (right) and her daughter Ana

Golden D’or gives its customers quality in service, staff, and product, with fabrics at an affordable price for almost anyone. Next time you’re in the Dallas area looking for a specific fabric be sure to check out this awesome warehouse, because “if Golden D’or doesn’t have it, no one does”!

Contact or visit Golden D’or :

10795 Harry Hines Blvd
Dallas, TX 75220


Retail Store Hours:
Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM

(photo credits: Main Street Hub and my husband Matthew)

Have you been to Golden D’or? What’s your favorite fabric outlet? Let me know in the comments!



5 thoughts on “Fabric Outlet Shopping: Golden D’or

  1. This place seems to be quite interesting, Fabrics designing is my hobbie and place where there is huge shelves of different fabrics with their unique color textures and full of fabric knotting machines, wanna to visit this place.:-)


    1. If you do there are so many other fabric shops around it too! It’s a great store and great location with different selections! Definitely check it out ๐Ÿ™‚


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