5 Ways to Elevate Yourself + Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Wow! Has it really been a year since I started blogging?? I can’t believe it! Even more unbelievable is that you, my readers, have been so supportive of my journey and everything I’ve shared with you.

When I started this with my husband, I had no intention of it becoming something. I just wanted to document progress and keep myself accountable so I’d keep sewing and not give up. Then I made my very first coat, and I officially fell in love with what I was doing. Fast forward a year and I have re-branded and have a whole new level of quality to my photos. I’m working as a blogger to a modern sewing company, I’ve been asked to pattern test some pretty awesome patterns and be a contributor to other blog pages, I have an awesome mentor and a great Instagram husband behind the lens of all my looks. Can you say GROWTH?

When starting a business, a big thing I’ve learned is that PATIENCE is the foundation for everything. You will not be successful if your primary goal is to make money starting off. You will also not be successful if your only goal is to get likes or social media attention. Profiting from your passion takes patience and commitment and failing or trial and error. Grow organically and naturally and everything will work out fine.

Honestly it is at this point in my life that I feel I can say the words, “I’m just getting started”, so I can’t in my right mind give you advice on how to grow to great lengths, but I CAN give you some tips on how to get started! Read my 5 tips below for social media and business growth. These tips are geared toward someone who is ready for the next step and isn’t looking for shortcuts but wants to make progress. Make sure to show me some love in the comments to help me celebrate my 1 year blogger anniversary too!

5 Tips For Successful Business or Social Media Growth

1. Invest in yourself

Don’t be mistaken, there is no free way to start a business. Every business will involve you investing time, energy, and money into your work. Remember though, that before you were the business you had an idea and that idea was a part of you. That’s called PASSION. When it comes time to make decisions involving costs that could bring potential for growth, keep in mind that investing in your idea is investing in yourself. Get help by means of classes, mentoring or books, and don’t be afraid to pay for that help. If you get paid for your services, re-invest that money back into other things that could contribute to growth for your business or idea.

2. Be CONSISTENT with what you’re providing

Post consistently, write consistently, vlog consistently, whatever it is you’re doing, do it consistently. People come to a business because of its reliability to provide them what they want. Part of that reliability comes with keeping things on a routine or schedule so that others know what to expect from you. It also keeps you organized so that you are consistently providing that thing. This isn’t easy. But developing routine from the beginning can lead to success. Consistently be the provider of whatever your niche is.

3. Use social media platforms to their fullest extent

I only have two social media platforms, Pinterest and Instagram. Let me tell you, stories on Instagram have proved to be a never ending challenge for me because I’ve had to get used to being recorded. But once I got the hang of it I’ve come to love it. People come to all sorts of social media outlets for different reasons and features. You might be missing out on a group of people if you refuse to utilize that feature, so make sure whatever platform you use, you are using it’s features to the extent they provide and don’t be afraid to look at online resources if you need help on using those features or apps.

4. Edit your photos (the RIGHT way)

When people hear the word “edit” they automatically think negatively or associate it with COMPLETELY changing the nature of a photo to be more attractive. That’s not always what editing entails. On the other hand, adding brightness or a filter isn’t always enough for a quality photo. Natural lighting, while awesome and beautiful in itself, isn’t always the only solution to a great picture. Enhancing textures, lighting, details, colors, sharpness etc, can make a picture stand out more than if it was just captured the way it is. There are so many great photo editing apps, so shop around to find the best one for you. Quality doesn’t come with shortcuts!

5. Be Genuine

People fall in love with the feeling you evoke leading them to like who you are as a person. Are you genuine? Do you engage people in a friendly manner? Do you engage people at all? Do you have a nice, approachable personality? All of these things can come across over any social outlet. If you’re fake, people will notice. Building a relationship with people is how you build a business. If people see that you’re only in it for the money or the followers, you will not grow organically, or at all (go back and read that sentence again). People don’t just want a service/product, they want a face behind a service/product that they can trust. When engaging with people on social media or blog formats in any way, be yourself and have a certain balanced level of transparency. Being genuine is also conveyed in your photos (see #4).

Overall growth takes time and the courage to admit that sometimes you have NO clue what you’re doing. Though my journey has been random, confusing at times, and fallen into my lap at other times, I am so happy to have had the time I’ve spent blogging. Creating has led me to work with such fantastic people and be given some great opportunities. This is only the beginning and the beginning is the best part because I get to go back one day and see how much I’ve grown! The same can happen to you if you’re willing to put in the work and stay with it.

A huge THANK you to my readers and followers and as we go into this 2nd year, I can’t wait to bring you guys even more!

Show me some love in the comments and tell me your favorite thing about my blog or Instagram! Thank you again for following my journey. I hope I can continue to provide you awesome content and tips to help you suceed!

Good vibes,


5 thoughts on “5 Ways to Elevate Yourself + Happy Blogiversary to Me!

  1. Nice, happy anniversary! I’ve been blogging for over a year now but reeeeally don’t want to start using instagram. But it seriously feels like that’s where it’s all happening. I think I’ll just keep going along in my own quiet way and if more people read me, great, and if not, that’s fine too 🙂


  2. Great post! It’s been great to see you grow over the past year! You do a really good job of keeping your content varied yet still on target.


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