Soft Boho Meridian Dress

Happy Wednesday friends!

If you follow me on IG you saw this dress awhile ago, I’m just now getting to posting the details on it sadly lol.

The Meridian Dress by Papercut Patterns has become my new favorite dress. It’s SO easy to make and is super flattering on any body type. I’m thinking of hacking this pattern to make a flared version, ideas ideas!

This dress was made from a rayon Challis in the most gorgeous bohemian print from LA Finch Fabrics (now sold out). Breathable, easy to wear and sits well on my body, this is a new staple in my closet. Of course it’d also be nothing without its signature wrap ties.


I made sure to add some close ups of the fabric as the print gives off a blurred effect from a distance. Keeping it short and sweet today friends. Leave me some love for this dress in the comments!



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