DIY Boho Fringe Clutch Tutorial

I have seen this clutch ALL over the internet and it’s stolen my fancy. While straw bags are definitely on trend, this DIY version is a make you can mix, match and alter to your heart’s content with different kinds of trim.

This tutorial is glue-free and does involve some sewing. For a no-sew tutorial I recommend THIS ONE which can be altered and tweaked to your preference.

Let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

Straw Clutch with a lining (I bought this 9″ by 5″ straw clutch from Joann Fabrics, make sure to use your coupon!)

  • Trim of your choice measuring the length of the curved edge, make sure to get at least an inch extra just in case (I purchased 23″ for my size)
  • OPTIONAL: Cording for the strap, measured to your preference
  • A seam ripper
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread that blends/matches the bag
  • Pins and/or large binder clips
  • Scissors/Snips

How to Make the Bag:

1. We’re going for a clean finish on the inside here, so first we’re going to seam rip the inside lining from the flap of the bag around the curved edge so we have an opening. I found it best to loosen each stitch individually to avoid damaging the clutch bag. Pin your folded lining edges down so they stay flat against the lining and don’t become uneven.

2. Lay your trim flat along the curved edge of the clutch, edges aligned to your preference. Start with one end of the trim right above the pouch opening. Use binder clips to hold the trim in place and follow along the curve until the other end of the trim hits the other side of the pouch opening. Be sure to move the trim towards the right side of the clutch to keep it out of the way.

3. Cut the excess trim and secure with binder clip. As an option, tape the end of the trim to keep it from fraying.

4. Take your strap and pin each end to the lining on the curved part of the clutch where the flap meets the pouch opening. Hold the end of the trim in place and remove binder clip.

5. Lay the lining (with the strap) over the trim and use binder clip to hold all layers in place. Repeat along entire curve, keeping the folded curved edges as even as possible and removing previous holding pins for lining.

6. Turn the flap to the right side and make sure ends of trim are even and you like the way the trim lays. Adjust accordingly.

7. You’re now ready to sew. At your sewing machine, carefully hold all layers together and sew a straight stitch along the edge of the lining, making sure to catch all three layers, removing binder clips and/or pins when appropriate. Backstitch multiple times over strap ends to secure in place.

8. Clip long or loose threads.

Close your clutch and you have a fringe bag worthy of a Boho Queen!

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