Sewing My First Bra with Spoonflower!

No, you will not see any scantily clad photos of me in this blog post, this isn’t that kind of blog (lol!). Instead you will feast your eyes on an adorable and sweet version of my attempt at making my 1st bra. Keep reading to learn more about how it went!

My History with Lingerie Sewing

I knew very little about lingerie sewing when I started this project. I follow some amazing Instagram accounts that document the lingerie making process and the beautiful results, but the very thought of lace intimidates me to be honest with you.

SO when approached for this project and asked to give it a go, I was very nervous but prepared.

The Pattern

Lingerie sewing is one of the few times I’ve focused on the pattern first and then the fabric, mostly because choosing my pattern would determine my fabric. I knew I didn’t want to go with anything completely lace yet so I went with Simplicity #8711 which is the most adorable bralette and looked perfect and my style. I fell in love with the ruffle instantly and went to work!

The Fabric and Findings

The fabrics is from Katie Kortman’s collection on and its a fun mix of pink and blue shades. I wanted to keep this painting/watercolor theme going so I purchased my notions from Tailor Made Shoppe in different colors. The pattern does give you an option to use monowire. I only found ONE monowire supplier on Etsy and they are linked HERE.

Overall I think the effect turned out spectacular. The different plays on colors, hues, hard and soft, light and dark etc all came together like the work of art created in this fabric.

The Bra(lette)

A side note I’d like to mention is that bra making is very relaxing and calming. For someone who only sews apparel, it was a nice change without stepping completely out of my comfort zone at the same time

As mentioned you won’t be seeing how it looks on my body but my dress form would be happy to model it for you! Here’s a description of the fit on me. It’s a tad too small. Mostly in the back part in that the back pieces could be a half inch longer. I’m pretty sure I may have needed to make a 34DD size instead of a 32DD but lesson learned and I can always make another one! Other than that, the bra fits decent. It has some minor flaws in construction but it is my first bra. One thing I do wish is that the ruffle that comes in the pattern was more.. Ruffley. Next time I will go up a band size and double the length of the ruffle.


Construction was easy, I would definitely suggest this pattern for beginners (me being one myself). If you want to see how I constructed the whole thing, go to my Instagram and click the “BRAMAKING” highlight!


Mr. Bailey says the bra looks like a swimsuit and I have to agree! The ruffle and the pattern design make for a playful, girly vibe that gives me happy feelings. I can see myself wearing this to the pool or just lounging around the house feeling flirty and fun!


Thank YOU spoonflower and Tailor Made Shoppe for this wonderful experience and giving me the chance to try something new.

This project was made in collaboration with Spoonflower. The supplies for this project were provided by Spoonflower but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

5 thoughts on “Sewing My First Bra with Spoonflower!

  1. Great post. It looks great. I love the fun colors. I plan to start on the Watson Bra soon. I was extremely nervous before reading this post but I am encouraged that I can do it.

    Liked by 1 person

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