Joining a MVMT

Hello! It’s been awhile since I shared a post with you guys but I couldn’t keep this ENTIRE outfit just on the ‘Gram.

I recently had the privilege to collaborate with MVMT watches and showcase one of their watches on my IG FEED.

This watch I have on is called the Ghost Iris, and it’s sleek and stylish while being versatile enough to go with practically anything in my closet. The sunglasses I’m wearing are MVMT as well and they’re so comfortable with GREAT quality in their design. There are so many designs and looks to choose from on their website for any look. Right now you can get 20% off during their end of year sale on their website. After the holidays be sure to use code THEREALALEXISBAILEY15 for 15% off any MVMT product. They also have sunglasses, bracelets and necklaces too, so be sure to check out their website!

Now onto the outfit!


The fabric for the top is from Mood Fabrics and is cotton voile. I was inspired by Mimi G when I saw her snag this fabric in her fabric haul and got the voile version, but the cotton sateen version she got is HERE. I used the cotton voile for the body and a pinstriped fabric from Measure Fabric for the contrasting bindings.

I used a brush cotton twill from Indiesew (sold out and unavailable) for the pants that feels soft and comfortable to the touch. There is no stretch to the twill.


For the top I made the Roscoe Blouse by True Bias. If you haven’t made this pattern you are missing out. This is my second one and they are favorite staples in my closet.

For the pants I used Simplicity 8655 view C. I added 1/4 of an inch to my size 12 around the bum area to make up for the lack of stretch.


The outfit combines the perfect combination of neutral colors making each piece an individual statement piece but perfect for coordinating and mixing with other prints and styles. My favorite detail is the contrasting band on the top and the gathered neckline that give exquisite detail to an otherwise simple top (simple is great too though!). The pants are timeless, widelegged and can be worn casual or dressed up with heels. Either way they give off the ultimate comfort vibe and feel.

Thanks as always for reading!