Denim Burnside Bibs on the Old Town Road

So this post is very late. As in months late, but it’s Throwback Thursday so humor me. I made these BURNSIDE BIBS in October 2019 to celebrate hitting 3000 followers with my sew sisters Nef and Raven (you can see their bibs HERE and HERE) and we have all grown tremendously since then.

Despite that being the case, I couldn’t resist sharing these beauties that took me back into the nostalgia of wearing overalls in the 1st grade. I can remember wanting to wear overalls all the time.. And then one day getting older and they just weren’t popular or cute anymore to me.

That being said, this pattern grew on me after we decided on it for the giveaway and I saw the girl’s previously made versions. I wasn’t really a fan because I felt the pattern looked like relaxed overall pajamas or something a painter would wear in their studio.. until I saw some other versions and realized I could use denim. Sewing truly is what you decide to make it. Anywho, enough commentary, feel free to read below for my thoughts on the pattern and the look and don’t forget to comment and share!


The pattern is the BURNSIDE BIBS by Sew House 7. What’s great about this pattern is that there are a variety of fabrics you can use to achieve different looks. Myself, Nef and Raven all used different fabrics and all of our looks are unique and awesome.

I decided I wanted a more structured practical look for my bibs so I went with some Cone Mills Denim gifted to me by a sew sister. I chose Version #1 of the pattern with a cropped leg and I used gold jeans thread for the topstitching.


I paired my bibs with my red plaid gauze ROSCOE BLOUSE, some Oxford shoes and one of my husbands hats. I threw some wheat in my mouth and pretended I was a hillbilly to make this look fully come through lol. The whole outfit felt relaxed, comfortable and easy. Just like I like it.

The bibs can be dressed up or worn casual depending on the top underneath and the shoes worn with it. Looking back I think I would have made the longer length for the pants instead of the cropped pants but I think I ran out of fabric and that’s why I chose the cropped version.

My favorite detail about this pattern is the back. I love the criss cross of the straps and the way the belt loops gather from the strap creating a very flattering effect to the bum. I also love the front patch pockets as well.