Simplicity 9052 Parka in Gauze Coating from Measure Fabric

Hello my lovely readers! It is my pleasure to introduce my first collaboration with Measure Fabric as a Measure Maker! I’m so excited to be a part of this awesome and talented team of makers (who you can read all about HERE), it’s such a privilege. Even more so I’m excited to get to work with one of my favorite fabric shops!

Isn’t this awesome room where I took my photos super ethereal and full of amazingness? I had to share! Let’s get into THIS JACKET THOUGH!


I’d been dreaming of making Mimi G’s Simplicity 9052 in the perfect quilted fabric after I saw her version. But I had no idea where the perfect fabric would come from. ENTER MEASURE FABRIC, a designer fabric boutique that carries unique fabric, leather and other items for all of your sewing needs. They are the purveyors of this gorgeous CHANNEL GAUZE COATING. This quilted fabric is made of rayon and is a dream to the touch. It’s medium weight, sturdy but still malleable and soft. Each channel is filled with a stringy gauze (which makes cutting a SLIGHT pain but more on that later) and the fabric has a durable hold to it. The color is white with off white and pink undertones.There’s some drape and body to this fabric so it really has infinite possibilities to become many things. The channel directions can go either way but I chose to make mine vertical so the jacket could have the illusion of looking longer. Overall the fabric was great to work with, however I don’t recommend for beginners as it can be tedious to manipulate at times depending on what you’re making.

I definitely recommend simple silhouettes for this fabric. A Tamarack Jacket would be an awesome pattern to make this fabric from.

Simplicity 9052 is a detailed pattern. Some features of this pattern include drawstrings, a collar and a removable hood via separating zipper. I cut a size small with no alterations as it is slightly oversized and I believe I chose the perfect size for my body shape. Also keep in mind that there are drawstrings at the waist of this pattern that allow it to be cinched, so you can feel comfortable going a size up if needed but there is a good amount of ease.Thinking about grabbing some of this beautiful fabric? Here’s some cutting and prep tips for you!

Cutting & Prep

When cutting this fabric the edges will be exposed allowing the gauze strings to come out of the channels. This will leave an empty channel that can change the thickness or consistency of your edges. To avoid this, immediately after cutting I serge any edges that will be heavily manipulated or exposed on the garment. This encases the strings inside of the channel and gives freedom to be handled without fraying as easily.

If you’re planning on creating buttonholes with this fabric, I recommend using fray check on each button hole. Let it completely dry, even if it’s overnight, and then come back and open the buttonholes for a cleaner fray-free finish. Hand wash garments made from this fabric or machine wash on delicate cycle (cold).


The details including the button placket, the patch pockets and the sleeve tabs all add wonderful features to this jacket. They give a rugged play to an otherwise elegant jacket due to the fabric. Fabric really makes the difference with this pattern. Quilted designs such as this one create a more relaxed, comfortable look, whereas solid colors or more structured fabrics can create a modern and clean look.I paired this jacket with a handmade cream and white front twist dress and a pair of heels to give an easy and soft date night feel with a touch of classy.

This project was made in collaboration with Measure Fabric. The fabric was provided by Measure Fabric but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thanks for reading!