Black Linen Hinterland Maxi Dress

Happy Friday friends! So remember when I said I’d work on posting twice a week? Well of course I said that and then life hit me smack in the face smh. Some updates on me, my great grandmother died so I was in Chicago last week and then the night I got back the sinus infection I’d had turned into an annoying cold, ugh! So after a week of sitting and forcing myself to disconnect, relax and get some needed rest I am 95% back to normal, just very tired.

Anywho, today I’m here with a new favorite in my wardrobe currently that I’ve been wanting to share for awhile. This is my second Hinterland dress (see the first one HERE) and I’m in love with it! This Hinterland Dress did not turn out at all what I expected it would, in a very good way. I expected a more casual look with the stripes but because I used a wide piece (about 2 times the actual skirt pattern piece width) of medium weight linen, gathering it turned it into an elegant dress perfect for any special occasion (or funeral seeing as it’s black… Yikes? Lol).

For the top of the dress I used some cotton shirting from Measure Fabric complete with some square mother of pearl buttons from Sarah Kirsten. I used the elastic hack to make my life easier and tie free as well which you can find HERE. The elastic back is the only mod is made to this pattern otherwise I sewed a straight size 4.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for reading!


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