Distressed Bonded Knit Outfit with Measure Fabric

Hey lovelies! I hope everyone is staying safe and following the ordinances according to wherever you live in the world. I live in a part of Texas where there is Shelter In Place currently set up so currently only going out for essentials and groceries etc.

NEVERTHELESS, it did not stop me from doing this photo shoot so thag I could share this amazing fabric and outfit with you all! Let’s get into the details shall we?


So this fabric is Distressed Bonded Knit from Measure Fabric, a very unique one of a kind piece that I’ve NEVER seen before. I talked details and showed off its fabulousness in my IGTV a couple weeks ago.

Basically this Bonded Knit is reversible. One side has geometric shapes and lines on it while the other is a white/grey intentionally distressed texture. Speaking of texture, this fabric SCREAMS texture. The knit is soft and has a lovely drape but also includes the perfect combination of sturdiness and durability for comfort.

The stretch and recovery are great making this fabric perfect for workout clothing, honestly. This fabric is also made of cotton so it’s incredibly breathable and can be layered or worn for all seasons.


I used Simplicity 1314 (no longer in production but here’s an Amazon listing) view A (the pants) and cut a size 14. This size was actually a size too small, I needed a 16 as the 14 fit TOO perfectly for complete comfort but as I wore them they stretched out a little and now fit perfectly. I used the black and Grey side for #the pants

For the top I kept it simple and chose Simplicity 9014 view D. I made a size S and cut half the length of the turtleneck off so that I can wear this top in warmer seasons. I used the distressed side for the top.

Both patterns were extremely simple as their silhouettes were basic so that helped tremendously


I used both sides of the fabric to create this modern yet dystopian look. The fabric has a chic style that is runway ready in my opinion so I opted to make something that can be worn easily and realistically on a regular basis.

Both the pants and top can be paired for different casual looks with other articles of clothing and the pants can be worn to work, date night, or any other versatile occasion. Basically this fabric can do it all!

This project was made in collaboration with Measure Fabric. The fabric was provided by Measure Fabric but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thank you for reading and let me know what you think in the comments section!


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