Leopard Fibre Mood Elisa Top

Greetings all! No special introductory here, however if you’re reading this I hope you are doing well and you are in good health.

Lately things have been up and down in life, I’m sure you can definitely relate. But I find comfort in slow routines and taking things day by day. Every once in awhile I try to change it up as well though and this make was definitely a part of that.

I bought this beautiful leopard viscose from Shoplamercerie.com (SOLD OUT) and thought it was even more beautiful in person when it arrived.

The drape is lovely and with so many colors it’s a very easy wear to mix and match and dress up and down.

The pattern is what I really want to talk to you guys about! This is the Fibre Mood Elisa pattern and it was a DREAM to make. Probably the easiest top with a collar I’ve ever made. You can check out the pattern and full release of the 9th edition of Fibre Mood Magazine HERE.

I made my Elisa in an afternoon and French seamed all of the seams inside, even the armholes. Regular seams will never be the same for me after this project, the armholes feel so nice against me and everything looks so lovely inside.

Be sure to check out the Fibremood website for more information on the pattern and the other pattern releases! Also check out the hashtags #fibremood and #fibremoodmagazine to see other amazing creations from some great makers!

This post is not sponsored nor was it requested by Fibre Mood. Fibre Mood provided me with this pattern, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.



One thought on “Leopard Fibre Mood Elisa Top

  1. Great Print! It’s been years since I worked with viscose until a recent project…you’re right. It’s a dream to wear..didn’t want to take it off…mine shrank like crazy though.


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