Vogue 9265 in Isa Salazar Fabric

Hello my lovely readers, hope you’re doing well currently in spite of world events and any personal ones you are facing. When we took the photos for this dress about a month ago, it was in a downtown area and it was a ghost town due to everything being closed. It was crazy! I have a feeling that will change soon though…

Personally I’ve been taking things day by day, trying to make sure I have a to do list and and things to keep me actively busy as lately I’m only working twice a week. I’ve been eating good, regularly showering and sleeping through the night which I’m sure some of you can agree are all major accomplishments during this time lol. Self care is important and everyday I can take steps toward it I have a day fulfilled.

Let’s get into today’s make! If you saw last week’s post then you’ll know I did a wonderful collab with Isa Salazar who is the designer of this gorgeous fabric. This fabric is the Pretty Pansies in Celestial in Linen Cotton Canvas, hence the more structured look of the garment. The fabric is a dusty pink/mauve color with purple flowers that have small hints of orange and green. I think it would also look great in cotton interlock jersey or rayon.

The Pattern

The pattern is Vogue 9265, an easy staple pattern that has a different vibe depending on the fabric you use. I love how comfortable this pattern is and how simple it was to make.

The princess seams for the bodice flatter the bust and give great details. The puff sleeves have elastic through a channel at the bottom of the sleeve and the back has an invisible zipper (which I chose to make visible for detailing contrast).

You could easily add pockets to this dress and customize other features of this pattern. I made a size 8 in the bodice and graded the bottom of the bodice to accommodate a size 12 for the skirt. I also raised the neckline by 2 inches.

The Look

I kept this look simple and let the dress speak. I paired the dress with some taupe rugged booties and some earrings with a vintage feel that are pink and great color blocked. Rocked hair short, gelled, and sponged.

Stay safe and thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Vogue 9265 in Isa Salazar Fabric

  1. I dunno if it’s just you were channeling the ghost town vibes or what, but I found this photo series so expressive and… moving? Is that weird? Am I just having absurd pandemic feels over a fashion shoot? The pink and the puffy sleeves are, like, vulnerable but bold at the same time– that direct stare into the camera and the lip color and minimalist hair that, again, give your expression that vulnerable-powerful feel. Beautiful, beautiful work. I feel silly saying so, but I’m gonna tell myself that’s just because the patriarchy wants me to believe that women-dominated art forms aren’t real art. This is real art, it’s amazing, and I love it.

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