4 Rotary Cutters You Should Have & Why

There are dozens of rotary cutters out there. Brands such as Olfa and Fiskars can have as many as 5 or more types of rotary cutters with various designs for different types of hobbies. There’s also sizing to consider with 45mm and 60mm blades as well as the decision to go ergonomic or straight handle. Additionally, if you’re left handed, you have even more research to do.

In the sewing world we use rotary cutters for various projects and a variety of thicknesses when it comes to textiles. If you’re a beginner and wondering what kind of rotary cutter to buy, or you’re an experienced sewist looking for a change, I’ve put together a review of 4 of my favorite rotary cutters below and my experiences with them. Each one ranges in price, function, and design. Of course, there a dozens of rotary cutters out there with more or less to offer, but these are 4 of my favorites that will hopefully give you some quick assistance in choosing the best rotary cutter for you.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert on rotary cutters, nor is this post a review of ALL rotary cutters in the industry. This post is not sponsored but was written from my own experiences and opinions.

4 Rotary Cutters You Should Have & Why

#1 | Fiskars Classic Stick Rotary Cutter 45mm

Average Price: $10.99-$15

Why you should buy:

  • Blades are titanium steel, inexpensive to buy, and putting them on the handle is easy.
  • Can be purchased with rotary mat
  • Often go on sale at Hobby Lobby for 50% off
  • For left handed individuals, this cutter is ambidextrous so it’s great for all.
  • Blade guard for safety

Personal thoughts:

I will say that this cutter requires more grip than others as the handle is a smooth rounded surface. Also, I don’t recommend this cutter if you’re looking for something to handle thick layers. While it’s great for quilting projects and thinner layers (say 5 layers of quilting cotton?) it wouldn’t be THE BEST option for cutting out your wool coat or leather project.

#2 | Olfa Rotary Cutter Heavy Duty 45mm

Price Range: $15-25

Why you should buy:

  • Blades made from tungsten steel
  • Handle is slightly squared which allows for better control
  • Grip for thumb control
  • Great quality
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Blade guard for safety
  • Works great with leather
  • Pinking and perforating blade options

Personal thoughts:

I recently bought my first Olfa and I LOVE IT. The quality is 5 steps up from my Fiskars which I now use for thinner and less taxing projects or for cutting patterns. Everything feels sturdy and controlled with minimal effort which is also a plus. I personally bought my Olfa because I needed a pinking blade and their brand was the only one I found that had a decent quality one. I could’ve bought only the blade and used it on another cutter but I wanted to try the cutter as well and was not disappointed at all.

#3 | LDH Midnight Edition Rotary Cutter

Price Range: $35

Why you should buy:

Personal thoughts:

Why pay $35 for a rotary cutter? Simply put, this rotary cutter is a boss. It’s ergonomic, trusty, and is hand crafted. The blade also is hand crafted, giving you personal and trusted quality from a brand that has made a good name for itself. It’s also black, the first all black rotary cutter in fact, which makes it a stylish tool in your sewing arsenal. This cutter is also compatible with Olfa blades so if you need a particular blade or love the Olfa quality you have that option.

#4 | Sewology Slim Rotary Cutter 18mm

Price Range: $3.50 – $7

Why you should buy:

  • Small in size and weight
  • Decent grip
  • Great for cutting smaller, precise projects
  • Able to cut into tighter areas, corners and curves

Personal thoughts:

There are many brands that carry this size rotary cutter but I chose this one for the price range. I don’t cut into smaller areas too often so it doesn’t get a lot of use but when I need it, it’s there. The blade is SHARP for a little bitty thing and the grip is good for handling. Overall it’s a good extra tool to have lying around for times when you need a smaller cut. The blade is also easy and safe to remove.

I hope this post was informational in helping you choose your next rotary cutter! Feel free to leave questions in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading!


19 thoughts on “4 Rotary Cutters You Should Have & Why

  1. I just started using rotary cutters last year and I’ve had them for at least 5 years. I was afraid I was gonna cut a finger off. Well I still have 10 fingers intact so I think I’m doing pretty good. Thanks for sharing these gems Alexis 🥰 @thecornyrainbow

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha same with me! I just started using one last year too, I nicked my fingers a few times though so I guess I should’ve had you teach me your ways lol. Thanks for reading Nef!


  2. Oh my, that black one is beautiful! I definitely need another rotary cutter, maybe the light one for cutting patterns. Thanks for the info! @thethreadsroom

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The light one really is a decent beginner one. And I get the blades cheap from hobby lobby when they’re having a sewology sale and use them for cutting patterns, very worth it! Thank you for reading!


    1. I definitely recommend! I don’t use the ones I use for patterns for fabric though, kind of apply the rules of fabric scissors there haha. Thanks for reading!


  3. This is great! I love the rotary cutter and have 2 of these already. Being left handed I love that they are ambidextrous! I love how clean and accurate they are for cutting paper and fabric. This is a great review on this wonderful tool.


    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have an Olfa rotary cutter myself after I purchased a fiksar brand. You are right. I am very happy with the Olfa 69mm cutter but it has its limitations when it comes to cutting thru very thick layer. I watched the denim on the LDH cutter and it’s the real deal.


  5. I have an Olfa in both the normal and small sizes and they work well but I cut a lot of projects on my mat with my cutter so I’d love to have a chance to try one like the LDH! @ayellowkitchen

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Now I need to buy some more rotary cutters! I’m finally using the one I bought years ago and I love it! Thanks for the suggestions! Instagram name for giveaway @jackie__0h

    Liked by 1 person

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