If you’re here that means you’re a new follower on Instagram, new to the blog, or just stumbling upon this post randomly. Regardless of the reason, I welcome you to this space and thank you for following along in my DIY doings. While Instagram is where I share my weekly doings and sewing progress, my blog is where I allow myself complete creative freedom and am able to give you valuable information and resources regarding sewing and style. It’s also in this space that I’m learning to be completely transparent and this post will be no exception.

This year has been hard, I’m sure you will agree. We have faced our own set of challenges despite whatever our circumstances and have overcome various personal or monumental battles, sometimes even one in the same. If you’re here because you sew then you possibly have found yourself drowning in a sea of masks and PPE to assist your community. If you don’t sew, you may have found yourself drowning in other ways, financially, emotionally, spiritually or physically in the sense that you have shut down and lost will to stay afloat.

While life looks good currently, things reopening and seemingly going back to normal, the underlying truth prevails that this virus is not over and uncertainty is a constant in life at the moment. As I go throughout each day though I am constantly reminded of the words at Jeremiah 29:11, 12 which says that God gives us a hope and a future. Whatever your faith is, we can all agree that to be told we have a hope AND a future is this most reassuring thing right now as that does not appear to be the case to the naked eye.

When I created this space, I did not have a goal in mind. I was passing along, creating, failing, getting up and trying again, and here I am with growth I could’ve never imagined (especially without really investing that much into my own growth), but that growth only came from me being willing to adapt to every circumstance and become bigger than what it was. I wish the same for you during this time.

Despite all of this I hope that I am able to provide you with some inspiration in this space moving you to grow into something you never imagined, a feeling I’ve experienced myself as I’ve been drawn into the sewing community.


I am currently in the process of a business startup that I cant wait to share with everyone soon (looking towards September), I hope it’s able to provide some additional inspiration and get everyone who is hesitant to begin sewing excited about the wonderful hobby.

Until then you’ll see me on and off social media sharing various details on garments I’m sewing in the background and some awesome collaborations with amazing brands in the making community. Please feel free to ask questions and share your thoughts in this space! I appreciate you so much for wanting to be a part of my little creative space. Thank you.

Stay safe and healthy,


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