A Message to 6k

Hello, and welcome to the blog new followers. This following has grown since my last new followers post which you can read HERE. Many things have changed since then as well, some of which I want to address.

First and foremost with the prevailing issues going on, I hope you are here because you genuinely appreciate my content and who I am as a creator, not for the color of my skin. If you are, that is wonderful, you do not need to justify or defend yourself in the comments or give me the reasons you are here. I created this space as a means of escape from reality to be honest. Sewing is my safe place and my relaxation. It is the thing that gives me expression as an artist, the thing that belongs to me and that nobody can take away. As an extreme empath with anxiety and depression I personally did not have the mental capacity to comment on the things going on on social media, nor did I feel it was a safe place to express myself, so I am sharing on my own platform, my own safe space.

While this space is for escape and creativity, it is in no way ignorant to world events. As a black woman, prejudice is not a new thing to me. My husband is black and my family is black as well. I have become more aware of our identity as black individuals than I ever have before. Perhaps the guise of equality shrouded my perception of my own color at times to where I drowned out my own identity, but there’s no doubt about it I AM BLACK and the things I have seen around me fill me with fear and sadness. Fear for my husband as a black man who works in white neighborhoods and gets the cops called on him because homeowners don’t believe he is who he says he is. Fear for myself and my family living day to day. Sadness for those dealing with worse realities than mine who’s lives have been lost and justice not found for them.

One thing I am not at this time is angry. Many are, and rightly so. The injustice, prejudice/discrimination and divisive tendencies seen not only in this country but around the world have been prevalent for so long it brings to mind the words at Habakkuk 1:2, 3, “How long oh Jehovah [God’s name], must I cry for help but you do not hear?…Why do you make me witness wrongdoing? And why do you tolerate oppression? Why are destruction and violence before me? And why do quarreling and conflict abound?” No doubt we all wonder if there will ever be an end to the madness.

I choose not to be angry because I have hope. Anger leads to hate and hate leads to more division that cannot be mended easily. It is anger and hate that feed negative energy and fail to promote positive change. Instead I choose hope as a protection against the hate so prevalent today. The hope that my creator will soon end prejudice, injustice and hatred. The hope that He will bring about a swift end to wickedness, suffering and oppression. I hope that one day the insensitive, harmful and toxic actions of those who seek the course of hate will one day end and only be a fading memory. While change seems to need to be forced at times, only God can bring about true justice and change in this world shown in Revelation 21:3, 4.

If you are currently struggling to emotionally deal with the reality of the situations ongoing or are trying to overcome hate and/or fear during this time, please know this is a safe space and that I am with you. I do not intend on making this a place to promote hate or division, but instead to educate as I always have. As a person who battles with mental illness I intend to take up space in the most peaceful and healthy way possible for myself so that I can continue to be able to show up in the community I am in. I have been having many conversations with non people of color on social media to educate and provide understanding as well.

I also am part of an organization that works to bring hope and knowledge of God’s plans for the future so that people can know that one day, racism, privilege, prejudice and discrimination will be things of the past. I’ve provided some Bible based resources below meant to strengthen faith (no matter what your beliefs) and give hope to everyone reading this.

I hope that no matter what you are personally battling that you continue to conquer through this year of twists and turns and hardships finding solace in whatever means you can that give you peace. I hope that society continues to strive to move forward despite conditions that are meant to break it. Most of all I hope you are taking care of yourself, your energy and your families and having important conversations where necessary.

Thank you for hearing my voice and thank you for 6k!



13 thoughts on “A Message to 6k

  1. Beautifully, honestly and eloquently stated, Lexi B. Yes, these are extremely trying times for us empaths because we soak up the energy and pain of the world around us. It’s exhausting. A creative outlet is a must for survival. I’m so glad you have your blog and sewing.

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  2. This is lovely, and beautifully written. I’m so glad I found you via your hand-stitched clothing, because your expression of hope has affirmed my own. I do often despair for this country, and feel so angry, but I will never stop believing that there is *always* hope for what’s ahead of us. Through the last few months, the worst time I am likely to see in my lifetime, I have seen people be cruel, and divisive, and ignorant (on both “sides” of the issues at hand) … but I have seen more people look out for each other, lend a hand, support the community, raise money, express love, contribute to a greater good – and I know that we are a better people than this and can make it though to a brighter future for *everyone*. I know that we can get there. Ultimately, love will always be stronger than hate. ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings and sentiments Julie!! I agree with you 100%. So glad I could bring some light to you during this time as well. Keep hoping and being positive! ❤️


  3. So happy to have found your blog & instagram page sis! I’m trying to get back into sewing while
    balancing it with theocratic activities.

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  4. love. found you from a post on a happy stitch – like how you styled the espadrilles. and following you because you have a good and thoughtful voice. i am also struggling with anxiety (again) these days – triggered by different reasons than yours but i am also an empath and black struggle make me cry – why the cruelty. i don’t understand. thank you for your words and spreading hope – you never know who needs to hear it.

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  5. I am writing from Germany and I discovered your instagram-profile because I was looking for inspiration about sewing. What I found is a woman who is so much beautiful inside and outside!
    You touched my heart and have given me encouragement and a lot to think about. Thank you for being open-minded, honest, inspiring in different ways!

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