Tweed Sabrina Skirt by Forget Me Not Patterns

Hello reader, wishing you well vibes as you read this today. This post has taken awhile but due to pandemic I find I have to be kind to myself regarding its delay.

This amazing creation of a pattern you see before you is the Sabrina Skirt by Forget Me Not Patterns. I’ve had the pleasure of working with this company twice now and I have to say that the construction of her patterns are always on par and excellent in their detail. This skirt did not disappoint.

This was one of my less smart choices in terms of fabric. I chose a really pretty striated tweed from Mood Fabrics that I thought would be perfect but ended up being a little more heavyweight than I should’ve used. I definitely recommend not deviating from the suggested fabrics on this one and suggest using a twill or medium weight cotton. I personally thought this fabric would be lighter so it lightly threw me off. Try to choose a fabric with less body and a little more structure. I used black Bemberg Cupro for the lining.

I chose to make the curvy view of this pattern which I later found out I really didnt need to do (this fabric has a lot of give that added some width to it), however I chose this option for less grading work on my end (if you’re new here I am pear shaped and usually end up grading anything that touches my waist and hips but really didn’t need to with this pattern). I made a size 32 in the curvy fit grading to a 34 at the hips (this was my mistake as i did not need to grade at the hips, it really fit fine with a regular 32 curvy size). I also added a diagonal line to make the skirt more fitted to my legs. which I’m glad I did for this fabric and skirt but probably won’t do when I make this again and choose the right size.

I really love the construction of this pattern. With the lining and black slit it’s a staple and high quality piece in my closet that I’ll be wearing for awhile. The darts at the waist give great shape and the seams really show off a curvy body. Amazing construction of a pattern, really.

I paired the look with a contrasting navy floral body suit and my navy striped Sam Edelman open toe sandals.

Disclaimer: I received this pattern for free in exchange for an honest review of this pattern however all thoughts, comments and feelings are my own.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Tweed Sabrina Skirt by Forget Me Not Patterns

  1. spectacular! regardless the fabric choice, it looks fabulous and i love how you styled it with the floral print top. looks perfect on you. great notes on the pattern too.

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