Slow Fashion with Loom & Stars Fabric

The opinions expressed in this blog post are my own. Loom & Stars provided the fabric for this collaboration in exchange for this post and a social media post, however the opinions expressed in this post are my own unbiased thoughts and feelings.

Hello friends! Here on the blog to share a make that is actually near to my heart. Over the past two years I have slowly been moving towards a natural fiber based closet, building on factors such as sustainability and personal health as main reasons. Ethically and morally I have also become privy to the impact clothing takes on society and the humans that make our clothing. All of this has been the reason that this year I’ve decided to use more of what is in my stash and shop intentionally.

Enter Loom & Stars. I was immediately drawn to this company after being approached by them namely for their transparency. Their site explains who makes their fabric HERE and how it is made HERE . I especially love that their tagline is “slow fashion fabrics” because we could all stand to move a little slower these days right?


I chose the most amazing of cottons from their website in a “twilight” blue, you can find it HERE. Upon receiving it I already knew what I wanted it to be, a lovely Naomi Top by Coffee and Thread. I have a shortage of navy in my closet as well as a shortage of navy collared shirts to throw on for those days when I want to feel professionally savvy. The pair couldn’t have been more wonderful. The fabric has a feel of voile with a slight heavier drape, almost resembling a dry silk. I especially love irregular lines of the pattern and how easy it is to style with other items in my closet. I used snaps instead of buttons so as not to distract from the print (and for an easy throw on experience).

I played with this shirt a little to figure out how I wanted to feature the top and finally decided on just throwing on a self drafted knit pencil skirt in a contrasting color. For some variety I tried the top on with my Simplicity 9114 pants and the grey linen played very well with the white lines of the top as well.

I’m very impressed with the quality of the fabric as well as the whole experience. Knowing I own something created by human hands from start to finish is a beautiful thing in itself and a privilege to share in. Be sure to check out Loom & Stars for yourself and see their selection of gorgeous fabrics. Their hand loom cottons are a favorite of mine especially this one which I might have to snag one of these days.

Thanks as always for reading and sharing in my adventures as I work towards a more sustainable lifestyle and one day a sustainable world,

8 thoughts on “Slow Fashion with Loom & Stars Fabric

  1. I love this shirt and this fabric! I’ve had this same pattern in my sewing queue for so long I’m embarrassed. So good seeing on you, because it’s motivating me to move it up, lol.


  2. You look gorgeous Alexis! Love the shirt and love your choices even more. โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ


  3. Stunning! I feel like the only problem with making a garment so utterly perfect and adaptable is… I know for me, anyways, it’d never get washed! Every day I’d be like, “Oh, but it looks SO GOOD, I’m sure it can go another day…” ๐Ÿ˜‚


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