January & February Recap + 1T1D1Y Challenge

Hey there friends, can you believe we’re already in March of 2020?? For many of us the pandemic started just a year ago and what a crazy and wild year it has been since 2020 indeed. I wanted to a recap of things that have been happening in my world lately to catch you up to today! Life has been hectic and I feel like I’m juggling 70 goals with 3 businesses and it’s definitely never a boring time in my life.

January and February 2021

January, like every new year, was shiny and new with possibility and with that I decide to clean house. My Instagram and blog name were associated with a lot of negative energy for me, both from the person who motivated me to change my name from Pomegranates and Pieces to “The Real Alexis Bailey” and also from the name itself. I felt it put pressure on me to be so transparent and more outspoken about EVERYTHING, and though I’m sure many other didn’t feel that way, for me the name just didn’t truly encompass who I am. I truly do believe I AM real and have a depth of character to me, but the name just carried so many things with it that I was no longer about- thus we are now Hello Alexis Bailey. A name that means becoming, beginning, arriving, showing up, being present, allowing self to just BE…. I think that encompasses everything I and my platforms are about really.

Another name change was Thimble & Snip, my hand-sewing apparel business. Through the end of 2020 I got into the world of pattern design and knew I wanted any patterns I made to be a part of my company instead of having a whole new venture. That meant that Thimble and Snip would need to be turned into something not just about hand-sewing but something more universal. I rebranded the business to Fibr & Cloth and that brings us to February where I was able to release my first ever PDF pattern the Mahogany Turban. The Mahogany Turban is an optionally lined head turban that works for any occasion and can be made practically out of any fabric (it was created with linen and cotton in mind but I’ve seen some velvet ones and some terry ones too!). You can check out the pattern HERE

The Mahogany Turban released February 9th

Another major thing that happened during February was the winter storm. If you didn’t know, I do live in Dallas, TX and our area was hit with snow, ice and a lot of damage and accidents that made world news. For my husband and I in particular we lost power and water at our apartment for 5 days but had the blessing of having his parents stay nearby us so we went and stayed with them for the week that our power was out. Upon returning to our home and the water being turned back on we thankfully had no leaks or any damage at our place and overall the experience was really just stressful. However we in no way complained about our circumstances as many did not have the opportunities we did and others lost so much during the storm.

1 Thing 1 Day 1 Year and Sustainability

During January and February I really took a look at what I wanted my business to encompass and what I wanted from myself in terms of values. Sustainability has always been an important thing to me and I knew this year that I wanted to take it full throttle, even if the making community I was a part of wasn’t of the same mindset. I decided to begin with Afrominimalist’s 1 Thing 1 Day 1 Year Challenge, which is a monthly challenge that encourages getting rid of one thing every day for a whole year from different parts of your house. Check it out HERE! For January’s challenge, which was the kitchen, I was on a roll and then had a hard time finding things and letting go of stuff, I’ll admit. I documented everything on stories on Instagram but decided that from now on I’ll be sharing the journey on my blog here. February’s challenge was the bathroom and I found a LOT of things between there and the linen closet. I’ve found that apartment living doesn’t lend well to being able to always keep to the setting of the challenge as it’s overall a smaller space so I also found some other things around the house that needed to go as well. This month I was actually able to make it to 28 things (one thing a day)! Below are some things I was able to get rid of for February.

What’s Next?

I have been putting off the conversations and talk around sustainability that I’ve been wanting to have just because I’ve been super self conscious about switching gears in this space to a slightly unpopular viewpoint in the sewing community I’ve been a part of for awhile. However now I think is the right time for me as a black person, to speak about a topic that many black people don’t carry space in an finally take up my own space in it. It’s been an interesting journey for myself, that being maintaining a more sustainable lifestyle, but I’m happy to be able to share my own experiences and hopefully be a fore for change to others in hopes of us building a better planet and inspiring more community around ethical behaviors in the fashion world. Starting this month you will see more talk about this here on the blog as well as more sewing inspiration that relates directly to sustainability. I’m so glad to share so much with you during the month of March! Let’s make this month a great month!

Thanks for reading!,

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