From Then to Now

If you're reading this right now, I want to just say that I truly admire you. For what you may ask? For your very existence. For taking the time to read this post. For the fact that you made it through 2020 and found yourself here in the moment willing to listen to me rant. [...]

A Message to 6k

A Message to 6k

Hello, and welcome to the blog new followers. This following has grown since my last new followers post which you can read HERE. Many things have changed since then as well, some of which I want to address. First and foremost with the prevailing issues going on, I hope you are here because you genuinely [...]


If you're here that means you're a new follower on Instagram, new to the blog, or just stumbling upon this post randomly. Regardless of the reason, I welcome you to this space and thank you for following along in my DIY doings. While Instagram is where I share my weekly doings and sewing progress, my [...]